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Our team members developed many business applications in previous setups or within other companies. Some of the things we did or contributed a lot (some of them are under NDA, we just highlight the content):

"TJ" - Mobile application for the Android platform that allows the documentation of trips (GPS tracking, photos, notes, export to Google Earth, Facebook). Winner of a Developer Contest.

"archb" (>2 years) - multi language (DE, EN) web application (PHP, mySQL) for managing and selling rights managed and royalty-free stock photography for German customer offering several hundred thousands photos being integrated with other stock photography providers.

"MSDK" - A Mobile (Android, IOS, WP7/8) SDK used for easily integrating ads into mobile applications. The SDK is capable of serving rich media ads that are MRAID 1.0+ compliant.

"DMAA" - Device Management client application which facilitates Android devices settings provisioning. The application communicates with the device management server and is able to read device information and apply settings. The features include: read vital signs, read applications list, write DataGPRS and APN settings, enable/disable Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, manage applications, upload debugging logs, email/SIP/Exchange settings.

"frd24" (1 year)- PHP based multi language webapplication, a cost-free hosting system of small advertisments for registered persons. System supports extensive user settings possibilities e.g. like administration of advertisments, setting of favourite CSS layout ...

"BaTr" - Mobile application for the Android framework, offering banking tools: credits/deposits simulator, ATM & Branches map, currency convertor, news, pin vault and others.

"MyV" - Mobile application for the Android platform which facilitates the customer - carrier interaction. It allows the customer to locate MyV stores, check their balance, reach online help and control costs.

"Tp" - Music player for Android, streaming music from a web service for subscribed users. Includes playlists management, radio, favorites, genres, search and a traffic counter.

"BBs" - Java based application use for managing an online system used to buyback books. Implemented using: JSF, Spring, Tomcat.

"Optrail" (>4 years) - Java based solution for railway resource planning critical across the entire tendering, planning and operations cycle. Developed using Eclipse RCP, JBoss, Spring. Solution is used by several railway companies across Europe.

"gazelDYS" (>3 years) - java based mobile application to indicate route of a loco driver and duty planning including complete adminstration tool to create entire train routes and sections. System is used by big swiss railway companies.

"Agls" - Java server based enterprise application for managing an airport ground lighting system. Developed using JBoss, Spring.

"WMa" - Java based workflow configuration and monitoring system. Developed using JBoss, Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry and AJAX.

"SM" - Java based survey generator tool. Developed using JBoss, Hibernate and Spring.

"CMa" - Java server based enterprise application for managing electronic catalog content. Developed using Struts on Tomcat and WebSphere for a German company.

"IM" (>2 years) - Java based product used for planning deliveries of medicine pouches to pharmacies and nursing homes covering entire process (administration, production, logistics, accounting).

"BIAF" (6 months) - Reporting platform developed using Eclipse RCP.

"N4A" - Java server based application for managing documents. Developed using Spring, Hibernate.

"ORCI/VF-HU" (1 year) - Java integration projects. Core business is to reload prepaid SIM cards with monetary values using an ATM.

"MWC" - Java integration project. Conference demo, core business is to reload prepaid SIM cards with monetary values using an ATM and be presented with promotions.

"SRS" (6 months) - Java (GUI) & C++ (back-end) project. Core business is generation and consumption of monetary vouchers for SIM cards.

"SRS-NG" (8 months) - Java (GUI) & C++ (back-end) project. Core business is generation and consumption of NON-monetary vouchers for SIM cards.

and even more... On request we can detail our references, please feel free to contact us.

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